The cosmetic MICRONEEDLING is a gentle, non-invasive anti-aging-treatment.
The idea: apply the active ingredients where they unfold their true potential.
Not only on the surface, but also in the depths of the skin.

The microscopic precise stamp supports the application of chosen active ingredients with up to 150 impulses per second.
Addtionally, skin functions are activated which stimulate the blood flow and regeneration of the skin

The active ingredients are specifically designed for MICRONEEDLING and provide the skin:

  • Moisture & smoothness
    with trimolecular hyaluronic acid
  • Lifting & upholstering
    with silicon hyaluron

The ANTI-AGING treatment with a deph effect:

  • visible wrinkle reduction
  • Freshness & revitalization
  • Skin smoothing
  • Improvement of the skin resistance
  • Skin tightening

6 treatments with 2 week intervals are recommended for an optimal outcome. 

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