Power - Peeling

Innovative, Effective, Precise

The finest sterile microcristals are used to gently remove dead and hardened skin cells. The skin receives an impulse to regenerate itself, and uncovers soft new skin that is very receptive to the application of cosmetic active ingredients. Microdermabrasion works quickly and effectively on wrinkles, scars, blemishes or pigment irregularities to transform your skin into something you love.

During the treatment your skin will be pampered with the finest quality, pure and natural active ingredients. To maximize the duration of Microdermabrasion's effects, a specific skincare program intended for application at home over a certain period will also be designed for you by your beauty professional.

Visible significant effect:

  •  The blood circulation and metabolism process is stimulated
  •  Cell division and thus the regeneration of the skin is supported
  •  Moisture binding capacity of the skin is improved
  •  Collagen and elastin production is supported
  •  The skin is ideally prepared for subsequent care

The best possible results using Microdermabrasion are achieved by firm adherence to a complete treatment program. We recommend programs of 6 or 10 treatments. Naturally, single treatments and specially - priced programs are available. Please note that the ideal interval between treatment sessions is from 7 to 21 days.

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