Medical Cosmetics

The first German high-tech premium brand is the result of intensive research by leading dermatologists and aesthetic physicians. The goal was to develop anti-ageing products with the highest possible active ingredient concentrations while at the same time achieving optimal skin tolerance.

Even smooth skin, firm, thight contours and a youthful, fresh radiance – our demanding skincare aims to achieve precisely these results on a long-term basis.

MBR uses a simple yet effective principle for combining all effects:

  1. Open – Dead skin cells are removed. These cells inhibit young cells from forming a new, even surface and make it difficult for the ingredients to penetrate the skin to take the effect deeper down.
  2. Treat – The highly dosed ingredients work efficiently in the individual layers of the skin. Reanimation and regeneration oft he skin’s own cell functions can begin.
  3. Close – The absorbed molecules are held in the skin to intensify their effect. An invisible, protective film with a smoothing effect protects the skin from external factors.
  • Instead of botox
  • A lifiting without scalpel
  • Beauty that can be bought
  • Aestetic surgery to cream
  • Its a skin upgrade to first class
  • Always on the pulse of time
  • Provides the best fitting skincare solution to any skin situation
  • Stands for high concentrated beauty-elixir
  • Replaces needle and scalpel
  • Sets new standards

MBR Age Defying Facial

This customized MBR facial is grounded in the patented technology that extracts higher concentrations of medical-grade active ingredients to treat on a cellular level down to the dermal layer of the skin in order to revive and hydrate the skin’s natural cell functions, restoring firmness, elasticity and regenerating collagen and elastin fibers. This age-defying treatment is an excellent accompaniment to pre- and post-surgical procedures as well as for those seeking a significant reduction of wrinkles, sun damage and sagging skin for a visibly youthful, revitalized and radiant complexion. 275.- CHF

MBR Skinsurface Restructuring Treatment

A complete structur-changing treatment is the cure to oily and dry skintypes, big pores, scarring or hyperpigmentation. By using concentrated acids and selected ingredients, the skins surface can be completely renewed and refined. The skins immune system gets boosted and balanced. A set of 6-8 treatments for best results is recommended. Single application 210.- CHF.

MBR Luxury Facial

Indulge your skin with our innovative and non-invasive facial rejuvenation, which combines state-of-the-art technology and medical-grade active ingredients to completely transform the skin without burden of recovery, time or discomfort. This revolutionary treatment visibly reduces wrinkles, boosts collagen synthesis, replenishes moisture and leaves the skin with a radiant youthful complexion. 325.- CHF


MSB is setting new forward-looking standards

What is the best medicine for your skin?

MSB - MEDICAL SPIRIT OF BEAUTY can answer this central question in the cosmetics industry: Can skin be visibly regenerated or renewed?Leading dermatologists and aestheticans have developed the MSB skin care concept: They have achieved such success in doing so that the results have overshadowed conventional cosmetic products.Thanks to special ingredients and more highly concentrated medicinal ingredients, MSB is continuing where many "doctor-prescribed brands" have reached their limits.

 The MSB concept works on the basis of fruit acids, hyaluronic acid, acetyl hexapeptide 8 and pure collagen. However, MSB's 3 step strategy makes it unique: OPEN, TREAT, CLOSE. Only through consistent, long-term application of this simple, but effective principle can MSB products considerably improve your skin's appearance.

Three steps that will regenerate your skin:


Step 1 OPEN means that corn formations are gently removed, thus enabling the skin to "breath freely" again right down to the cellular level, in other words, it "opens" up your skin. Only after this step is your skin ready to absorb and process the high concentrates of MSB moisturizing products.

Step 2 TREAT means that the skin is moisturized by applying "moisturizing ingredients" to areas where the skin can regenerate - in the cells of the epidermis. The cell activity increases and the skin regenerates itself.

Step 3 CLOSE completes the skin care routine with MSB products. This step locks in or closes the ingredients applied, thus closing your skin, which is now protected from outsinde influences. Also, the supply of moisture to the top surface is ensured.

To find out which MSB products and product combinations are the right ones to meet your individual skin care needs, please consult one of our MSB dermaceutic specialists at our salon and make an appointment for a personal skin care consultation session.



Alpha - Trophox Lip Booster (30 min. treatment) 

Wrinkle treatment


Fruit-acid quality characteristics

• stimulates the exfoliation

• improves the skin structure

• improves the skin's capacity to absorb

• acitvates the creation of new skin cells

• reduces wrinkles and lines

• minimizes pigmentation problems



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