MSB is setting new forward-looking standards

What is the best medicine for your skin?

MSB - MEDICAL SPIRIT OF BEAUTY can answer this central question in the cosmetics industry: Can skin be visibly regenerated or renewed?Leading dermatologists and aestheticans have developed the MSB skin care concept: They have achieved such success in doing so that the results have overshadowed conventional cosmetic products.Thanks to special ingredients and more highly concentrated medicinal ingredients, MSB is continuing where many "doctor-prescribed brands" have reached their limits.

 The MSB concept works on the basis of fruit acids, hyaluronic acid, acetyl hexapeptide 8 and pure collagen. However, MSB's 3 step strategy makes it unique: OPEN, TREAT, CLOSE. Only through consistent, long-term application of this simple, but effective principle can MSB products considerably improve your skin's appearance.

Three steps that will regenerate your skin:


Step 1 OPEN means that corn formations are gently removed, thus enabling the skin to "breath freely" again right down to the cellular level, in other words, it "opens" up your skin. Only after this step is your skin ready to absorb and process the high concentrates of MSB moisturizing products.

Step 2 TREAT means that the skin is moisturized by applying "moisturizing ingredients" to areas where the skin can regenerate - in the cells of the epidermis. The cell activity increases and the skin regenerates itself.

Step 3 CLOSE completes the skin care routine with MSB products. This step locks in or closes the ingredients applied, thus closing your skin, which is now protected from outsinde influences. Also, the supply of moisture to the top surface is ensured.

To find out which MSB products and product combinations are the right ones to meet your individual skin care needs, please consult one of our MSB dermaceutic specialists at our salon and make an appointment for a personal skin care consultation session.



Alpha - Trophox Lip Booster (30 min. treatment) 

Wrinkle treatment


Fruit-acid quality characteristics

• stimulates the exfoliation

• improves the skin structure

• improves the skin's capacity to absorb

• acitvates the creation of new skin cells

• reduces wrinkles and lines

• minimizes pigmentation problems


Alpha Trophox112® Serum Special product for preventing lines, mitigating already existing and even deeper wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes. The ultra-silky formula keeps your skin soft and smooth for many hours at time. The skin's surface tension feels regenerated, your skin simply looks more relaxed and smoother.

Balancing Sedative Gel med Fast normalizing, balancing and calming gel with cell protecion complex and provitamin B5. It neutralizes the pH value of the skin, especially after fruit acid treatments.

Cleanser 2+ Luxury cleansing with intergated compact skin care. Special product for intensive deep skin cleansing containing active agents that support the skin's natural regeneration process. At the same time, the skin is supplied with exclusive moisturizing agents that support the dermal and epidermal functions.

Extra Rich Face Cream Enriching, velvety, concentrated Face Cream for use around the clock. Also suitable for very sensitive skin. Intense moisturizer, balancing and relaxing. It makes your skin appear smoother and firmer.

Eye Cream Soft, smooth, especially skin-compatible intensive care for sensitive skin around the eyes. Firms, calms, relaxes your skin. The skin around your eyes will feel softer, fresher, and smoother.

Face Cream Nourishing, velvetly Face Cream for use around the clock. Intensive moisturizer, balancing and relaxing. It makes your skin appear smoother and firmer.

Glyco Peel med Compatible and effective fruit acid gel with an acid content of about 10%. For any skin type. Especially for very dry, flaky skin. It removes the topmost, already dead facial skin cells. It makes your skin soft and ready to absorb subsequent skin care products.

Lip Booster  Due to its particularly fine texture, Lip Booster's advantage compared to lipsticks is that it penetrates deep into the skin just like a cream. The difference is immediately noticeable. Lip Booster visibly smoothes fine lip wrinkles and lines on and around the lips. You can feel the contours tighten. It protects, moisturizes and makes your lips look fuller.

Mask Cream Comfortably refreshing and effective cream mask as a sensible addition to your daily Alpha-Trophox112® skin care routine. It makes your skin look smoother, more elastic and resistant and it feels velvetly soft. Applied on a routine basis, the mask will make your skin soft and radiant-looking.

Natural Peel med Compatible, effective and natural fruit acid gel with an acid content of about 10%. Suitable for any skin type, even sensitive skin. Removes dead skin cells and makes your skin soft and smooth. The following skin care product penetrates deeper and increases the intake of the ingredients.

Night & Day Collagen Multiactive skin moisturizing and rejuvenating serum. Increases skin's elasticity. Improves moisture intake and moisture retaining capacity. Refines the skin's structure. Reduces lines and wrinkles.

Normalizing Serum Highly concentrated, high-end product with long-term effect form combination and oily skin, skin of any age tending to develop acne.

Pigment Normalizing Gel Serum High amount of whitening concentrate on hyaluronic acid basis. For skin that tends to develop age spots and pigmentation problems of all kinds. Your skin becomes visibly smoothe, softer and brighter.

Sensitive Hydro Gel Serum Intensive calming and moisturizing gel Basic calming moisturizer suitable for any skin type. Regenerates, immediately relaxes your skin. Counteracts any irritation. Re-establishes your skin's physiological balance.

Tonic 1+ Energizing lotion based on seven selected plant extracts combined with other ingredients. Gently strengthens the skin's tissues. Lightly stimulates and stabilizes. Reduces "fine lines". Regulates and promotes the skin's moisture content. Has a balancing and calming effect on your skin. The skin's natural functions are stimulated and normalized.



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